Funding Strategy

MAYZ's funding strategy has three phases: Early investor (Founder Edition), ISPO, and Open Sale

Founder Edition (Friends & Family and Early Adopters)

Total MAYZ Governance and Utility Tokens to be sold: from 50,000,000 to 100,000.000.
  • Pre-Sale: This stage is for early adopters willing to assume risk and signal support to the project's primary purpose: to ease capital onboarding to crypto ecosystems on a well-diversified basis. This phase will raise somewhere between 500k to 1M ADA.
This stage is called Founders Edition, and there will be divided into two groups and three categories:
  • Founders Edition: Friends & Family (Black, Gold, and Silver)
  • Founders Edition: Early Adopters (Black, Gold, and Silver)
The investors will receive an NFT, and the correspondent amount of Governance Token in their wallet at the Public Sale stage begins as shown in the following table:
Minting Price
Governance Tokens
Governance Price
NFT Available
Projected Rised ADA
Friend & Family Silver
ADA 100
ADA 0.0125
ADA 10,000
Friend & Family Gold
ADA 1,000
ADA 0.0111
ADA 40,000
Friend & Family Black
ADA 10,000
ADA 0.0100
ADA 100,000
Early Adopters Silver
ADA 100
ADA 0.0160
ADA 200,000
Early Adopters Gold
ADA 1,000
ADA 0.0145
ADA 200,000
Early Adopters Black
ADA 10,000
ADA 0.0125
ADA 500,000
ADA 1,050,000


This is a new way to raise capital through Cardano's Stake Pools. The main idea is to raise money through rewards instead of ADA's expense. Investors will stake ADA to the protocol’s pool, and their reward will go to the protocol's treasury in exchange for MAYZ Utility and Governance Tokens that will be distributed later.
To perform the first ISPO, MAYZ is associated with the [1MATE] pool, TosiDrop, RatsDAO, and Onesies NFT collection. The MAYZ´s ISPO will last 55 epochs, starting at epoch 378.
Anyone can participate HERE
And check the rewards allocation in our live updated dashboard HERE

Public Sale

At this stage, the ongoing project will raise the remaining capital to reach its full development. The token sale price will be a variable based on the pre-sale outcome.
Monthly Basis: MAYZ Governance and Utility Tokens to be allocated: 235,000,000