Release 2: Cross-Chain Goal

Cross-chain Protocol

MAYZ brings Cardano investment to other blockchains with effortless cross-chain investment. We understand that investing in Cardano tokens involves a reasonable amount of prior knowledge. Even if they know precisely which tokens they want to buy, manual investors still need to learn about the different Cardano wallets and exchanges, and eUTXOs may seem strange and unfamiliar at first. MAYZ removes all of this complexity and allows investors to buy a single token on the blockchain they are most familiar with.

We believed in a multi-chain future. It's hard to imagine a scenario where "the winner takes it all." In such an environment, cross-chain financial solutions will ease asset allocation across chains.

Users from one chain will be one click away from investing in assets living on another chain. Financial protocols will perform the heavy lifting.

For example, an Ethereum investor can swap Cardano index tokens on the Ethereum network using $ETH, while smart contracts will handle the purchasing, bridging, and minting.

Our main goal is to prevent new users from learning how to invest in Cardano native tokens. You won't need to spend time searching how to do it inside Cardano, just do it in your own blockchain and gain exposure to Cardano in a few clicks

Let's run through an example of how this might work.

  1. Alice is an investor in Ethereum network. She arrives at the MAYZ dashboard and is presented with the current price of MAYZ index tokens in $ETH and an approximation of the transaction fees to be incurred.

  2. She decides she wants to buy and, guided by the UI, connects her wallet and signs a transaction to send ETH.

  3. MAYZ optimized smart contracts will bridge the funds over to Cardano network and send them to the minting smart contract.

  4. The minting smart contract will mint the equivalent amount of Cardano Index Tokens and send them back to the bridge.

  5. Cardano Index Tokens will be wrapped into native ERC-20 tokens in the bridging process.

  6. ERC-20 Cardano Index Tokens will be sent to Alice's Ethereum Wallet.

Alice is now invested in the Cardano ecosystem without ever needing a Cardano wallet or navigating multi-stage bridging processes.


To achieve our vision, we will start with smart contracts running on Cardano and bridges that will allow access from other chains. This kind of cross-chain infrastructure allows the protocol to provide more accessible services. For example, ERC-20 users will no longer have to set up a Cardano wallet to invest in the Cardano ecosystem.

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