Deposits in the Fund

Investors deposit certain amounts of tokens, depending on how many Investment Units they want to deposit.

Let's assume a Fund with the following Investment Units:

100 of Token A

4 of Token B

1 of Token C

If a User wanted to deposit 5,000,000 Investment Units, he would have to supply the Fund:

Token A = 5,000,000,000 UI * 100 = 500,000,000 of Token A

Token B = 5,000,000 UI * 4 = 20,000,000 of Token B

Token C = 5,000,000,000 UI * 1 = 5,000,000 of Token C

Tokens deposited in these proportions will become part of the underlying real assets of the Fund which will be held in the Deposit UTxOs at the address of the Fund Agreement.

The Investor will receive uLP in return. 5,000,000 uLP (5 LPs) will be minted, of which a portion will go as commissions paid, and the other portion is what the Investor will receive. See Commission Payment

The Total UI Deposited, Total Commissions Paid, and Total UTxO Deposit Fee must be updated for each deposit.

Withdrawals from the Fund

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