It will be recommended that the amount of each of the tokens in the Investment Unit be as small as possible in order to help those who want to deposit as few tokens as possible in a Fund.

Following this advice, it would not be recommended to use the following as the Investment Unit:

  • 2000 of Token A

  • 80 of Token B

  • 20 of Token C

If someone wished to deposit only 100 of Token A, 4 of Token C, and 1 of Token C, even though they respect the same proportion, he would not be able to do so because we would be talking about 1/20 UI. In this case, the UI tokens are all divisible by 20, but there may be cases where some may be divisible and others may not. These checks could make contracts more complex. Preferably to avoid them. That is why we will not use fractions of UI.

On the other hand, if you use the previous UI:

  • 100 of Token A

  • 4 of Token B

  • 1 of Token C

It allows the one who wishes to deposit a small amount of tokens and also the one who wishes to deposit a lot; for example, this investor could deposit 20 UI if he/she wanted to and with that reach the same amount of tokens that were in the UI presented above.

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