1. The creation of this contract consists of two operations:

    1. In the first part, some Fund Creator wallet creates contract scripts through the Create Fund Scripts operation. The Fund becomes Uninitiated.

    2. In the second part of the operation, Initiate Fund, one of the Fund Manager wallets using the newly created scripts will perform the first transaction, which will leave an UTxO with the Fund Datum in the contract address with the Fund's NFT. The Fund becomes Initialized.

  1. When the Start Date is reached, the Fund becomes Active.

  2. Fund Managers may update the Fund's variable parameters with the Update Fund Datum operation.

  3. The Fund Managers may change the Fund's class with the operation Re-Classify Fund.

  4. The Fund Managers may modify the Fund's Investment Unit with the operation Re-Index Fund. To do so, they must also change the actual stock of tokens in the Fund.

  5. The Fund Administrators will create and manage the Deposit UTxOs with the operations Create Deposit UTxO, Join Deposit UTxO and Split Deposit UTxO, and Delete Deposit UTxO. The more UTxOs there are, the more users can use the service simultaneously.

Each of these UTxOs will have a Deposit Datum and a Deposit NFT.

  1. Users will be able to perform Deposits to Fund and Withdraw from Fund operations. These operations will consume some of the Deposit UTxOs to add or remove tokens and update the Deposit Datum in such UTxOs with the updated subtotals.

New uLP tokens will be minted and delivered to the User on deposit. On withdrawal, the uLP tokens delivered by the User will be burned, and the corresponding tokens will be returned to the User. When depositing, the User will pay commissions. On withdrawal, he/she will get back part of the paid commissions.

  1. Fund Managers may move tokens between different Deposit UTxOs by means of the Move Deposit UTxOs UI operation.

  2. The Fund Creators and Administrators, the MAYZ Holders Community, and the Protocol will be able to collect the stored paid commissions by means of the Collect Commissions operation. The commissions will be spread over the different Deposit UTxOs that were used. More than one UTxO can be consumed at the same time, or the operation Join Commissions from Deposit UTxOs can be used to join all commissions into one UTxO and then collect them from there.

  3. After the End Date or by Forced Terminate operation, the Fund will become Terminated. Once terminated, no new deposits will be allowed.

  4. If necessary, the Fund Managers may change the status of the Fund to Terminated with the operation Force Terminate.

  5. The Managers of the Fund may Recover MAYZ when the Fund is Terminated.

  6. In the event of an emergency, the Fund Managers may change the status of the Fund to Emergency with the Emergency operation.

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