Cardano Fund

First MAYZ Protocol Product

The Cardano Fund is the first of many financial products that MAYZ is planning to provide. MAYZ is a protocol that will allow multiple funds to be launched. Each fund will have its characteristics; some of them, like the Cardano Fund, will represent Passive Investment Strategies (PIS), and others may represent more active ones.

Cardano Fund aims to follow the Cardano ecosystem value creation process. This fund will maintain a well-diversified Cardano basket of tokens to achieve that. The funds will track a target benchmark rather than seeking winners so that it will avoid constantly buying and selling tokens. As a result, it will have lower fees and operating expenses than a more active fund.

Passive investing via indexing is an excellent way to achieve diversification. This strategy spreads risk broadly in holding all offers simplicity as an easy way to invest in a chosen market because it seeks to track an index.

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