MAYZ governance token will be minted to fund the project. Total Token emission: 1,000,000,000.- The governance token will be distributed as shown in the following chart:
Distribution Table
Funding Distribution 35%
Token Sale: 25%
-- Presale (5 to 10%)
-- Open Sale (15 - 20%)
ISPO Reward Program: 10%
Community Reward Distribution 35%
Staking Reward Program: 25%
Grants to the community: 10%
Team Distribution 20%
Founders Team: 5%
Team: 15%
Protocol Treasury Distribution: 10%
As we can see above in the distribution table, there are four primary purposes:
  • The first fund will be allocated to finance the project development and create the first stock of index tokens.
  • The second is to reward and incentivize the community around the project.
  • The third is to reward the team behind the project.
  • The fourth is to provide the protocol with additional resources.
Team Distribution Strategy
Founders will be granted tokens after a two-year vesting program. This time will show the founder's commitment. It will allow the protocol to mature and decentralize so founders would no longer be a significant source of influence.