Payment of Commissions

The payment of commissions will be made in the Deposit to the Fund transaction and will be paid by the User at once and in full for the entire remaining Life Time of the Fund. The unit of payment will be uLP.

When making a deposit of a certain amount of Investment Units, the User will receive uLP in return. The transaction will mint the same amount of uLP as the amount of Investment Units deposited. Of the mined uLP, it will leave the corresponding commissions to be paid in the contract and grant the rest to the User.

The commissions to be paid will be determined by a specific value of each Fund called Commission. This percentage will be calculated from the amount of Investment Units that the User wishes to deposit and per unit of time, e.g., 2% / Month.

The amount of UI to Deposit, Amount uLP to Deliver, and Commissions to Pay (uLP) will be whole numbers as they represent the actual amount of uLP tokens that will be delivered and kept as payment of commissions.

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