MAYZ Holders Community

Users holding the $MAYZ token will be called MAYZ Holders. MAYZ Holders will have an on-chain voting tool to make their opinion known regarding different issues of the operation and parameters of the Funds. They will set recommended, minimum and maximum values.

These values will be stored in the Protocol Datum, hosted at the Protocol Contract address, and managed by the Protocol Contract. It will be available on the network for access by the different contracts requiring it.

//Clarification: Those with other tokens obtained in exchange for staking MAYZ in any staking program contemplated by the protocol/// will also be considered part of the community.

//Proof of Concept: This on-chain voting system will not be present in the first version. The community's decision will be made known by other means, such as Discord, and from there, specific wallets will have the privileges to write or modify those values//.

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