Decimals and fractions

Tokens in the Cardano network do not have decimals. Some tokens, including ADA, use decimals for their representation in some wallet software. But internally, on the network, they are always integers. The amount of decimals they use is declared in the token's mining transaction.

Internally in the Cardano network, the value of 1 ADA does not exist; it is simply a nomenclature and is actually represented with 1,000,000 Lovelace. That makes it possible to send ½ ADA because, in reality, 500,000 Lovelace are being sent. The actual unit within the network is Lovelace and carries no decimal places.

The amounts of none of the tokens that make up the UI may be decimal, and only integer values will be accepted. If any of these tokens are shown with decimals in the wallets, then it must be taken into account that the amount with which we define the Investment Unit will refer to the minimum possible fraction of that token.

For example, if Token C uses 6 decimals to be shown in our wallets, an Investment Unit that is formed by 1 Token C would be referring to 0.000001 Token C if we consider how it is shown in our wallet.

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