Users must have the Tokens that form the Investment Unit in their wallet to make a deposit into the Fund. But this could be complicated for some of them. Buying each of the Tokens in the market can be difficult and expensive. Therefore, their participation in the Fund will be facilitated through the Swap Agreement, where they will be able to deposit the ADA value of the amount of Investment Units they want and obtain the respective LPs directly. The Investors will also be able to deliver the LPs and recover ADA.

This contract will have access to the Oracle Contract for the calculation of the values of each token and the value of the IU. See Investment Unit Value.

A Swap Administrator must create the Swap Contract and keep LP and ADA funds available. The Swap Administrator will have to have previously deposited the tokens in the Fund and made available the LPs received.

It is worth mentioning that this contract will operate with Lovelace and uLP, although ADA and LP will be used as proxies.

To create the Swap Contract, there is a policy similar to the creation of a Fund. MAYZ tokens are required and will be stored in the contract.

Commissions are received for each swap made. This commission's maximum, minimum, and recommended values will be set in the Protocol Datum. The commissions will be shared between the Protocol, the Swap Managers, and the MAYZ Holders.

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