It will be the decentralized and on-chain representation of a Fund. Fund Creator wallets will be able to create new Funds. When creating a Fund, they must specify who will be the Fund Administrators.

The Funds will have different statuses during their life. In each status, one type of operation or another will be permitted. The passage of time as well as the use of certain operations, will change the status of a Fund.

At the commencement of a Fund, the Fund Managers shall deliver MAYZ, which shall be locked in the Fund's contract. These tokens may be reclaimed when the Fund terminates. The locked MAYZ serves as security and collateral.

The Fund Managers shall also determine the Fund's Investment Unit. The Investment Unit shall consist of a list of tokens and the quantity of each token. See Investment Unit.

Each Fund will have a Liquidity Provider Token or LP token. The LP token will be a nomenclature. The actual token will be the uLP token, 1 LP = 1,000,000 uLP. The number of uLP tokens in existence will be in relation to the number of tokens or Investment Units deposited in the Fund. Therefore, the uLP tokens will represent a portion of value and participation in the Fund.

Users may then become part of a Fund by owning uLP tokens. Users who own uLP tokens will also be called Investors.

There will be different ways to access the uLP tokens, and they will be able to do so through the secondary market, the Swap Contract, the Escrow Contract, or by interacting directly with the Fund Contract.

Investors can convert uLP and retrieve their tokens or ADA by delivering them through the abovementioned means.

The ADA value of a uLP token will be equivalent to the ADA value of the Investment Unit. The ADA value of the Investment Unit will be determined by the tokens comprising it. The Oracle Contract will provide the prices of the ADA tokens. Each Fund will have its own LP and uLP token with a separate ADA value. See UI and LP Token Value

For the use of the fund management service, the Users who make deposits into the Fund will pay a commission depending on the amount they have deposited and the remaining Life Time of the Fund. The commissions received will be distributed among the Creators and Administrators of the Fund, the MAYZ Holders Community, and the Protocol in proportions defined in the Protocol Datum. See Commissions.

The contract will also allow the Fund Manager wallets to update the Fund's variable parameters, present in the Fund's Datum, among which they will be able to modify the tokens that form the Investment Unit, provided that this change also impacts the actual stock of these tokens in the Fund.

As an emergency measure, there will also be a way for the Fund Managers to manually, early, and forcibly terminate the contract.

The deposits will always be available for withdrawal by the Investors in any state of the Fund.

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