Purpose of MAYZ Protocol

The purpose of the MAYZ Protocol, or simply the Protocol, is to provide Users with a decentralized finance (DeFi) tool to facilitate their investments in network-native tokens.

The Protocol will offer the service of decentralized investment funds built on the Cardano network through a series of smart contracts, which we will also call Contracts. The Smart Contracts will contain the logic and rules of the investment funds, allowing for automated and transparent investment management. These Contracts will have an interface to interact with through a website, the Protocol Portal. Throughout this text, we will also call these investment funds simply Funds.

The Protocol will have an associated utility token, the $MAYZ Token, providing access to certain administrative functionalities.

Each investment fund will be defined by an Investment Unit consisting of several tokens, and the Investment Unit may be adjustable.

Each Fund will have a Liquidity Provider Token or LP token representing its participation. There will be as many LP tokens as Investment Units will be deposited in the Fund.

Users who wish to invest in the Cardano ecosystem quickly and securely will be able to do so by simply holding these LP tokens in their wallets. They will have different mechanisms to access the LP tokens of a Fund, and they can do so through the secondary market, the Swap Contract, the Escrow Contract, or by interacting directly with the Fund Contract.

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